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Taking a Day Trip to An Outer Island

Article by Kean Salzer

Most people feel their Maui vacation is too short to begin with, so the thought of giving up a day on Maui to go to another island never comes up. On the other hand, you’ve already traveled across a mighty big ocean to get to Maui, and once you’re here, it’s only a half-hour commuter flight to some major travel attractions. Or maybe you’ve come to Maui so many times it’s become your second home, and now you’re looking for an adventure you haven’t done yet? There are good reasons to consider a day trip to another island, but the excursion will definitely take all day, so consider the cost, the timing, and if you are up for it.

Maui Family Vacations

What follows is a list of day trips that have paid off in a big way for the bold and the beautiful who went for it, but first, a overview:

Right now we have three major airlines and a couple of smaller commuter airline companies that travel between Maui and Honolulu. The smaller airplanes can actually pick you up someplace other than the main airport in Kahului where you landed, but I would just keep it simple and use the Kahului Airport (OGG). But, and here’s a big tip...while you can find fares that only cost $39 each way, the closer you get to your departure date the more likely it is that you will pay $89 or even $119 each way. So the tip is decide on a day trip before you get here and book your flight a couple of months out and pay $200 for two people including all taxes and fees instead of $500. And then remember to toast me when you take that $300 to Mama’s Fish House and splurge on a night of great dining and your favorite bottle of wine.

We have ferries on Maui. No, not those kind, no matter what the New Age goddess who’s selling tourist memorabilia in Paia might promise you can find in the rain forest under the light of a full moon. We have a boat that takes off early in the morning for Lanai and Molokai. We may have one that will carry you and your rental car to Honolulu if you check out the Hawaii SuperFerry website.

I’ll let you figure out the packing for a day trip scenario. Almost anywhere you land will be visitor country and you can find everything from a swimsuit to an overnight hotel room or rental car if you decide to change your plans on the fly.


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