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The Amazing Black Pearl Necklace Adventure - Part 2

When it became impossible to find natural black pearls, man stepped in, discovering the mysterious method of simulating what nature did automatically. The results are called Tahitian black pearls and gray pearls even though there are several Polynesian locales where a world class pearl will develop. Tahiti just happens to have the most amazing reef formations that allow for the development of the pearl and many claim the Tahitian black pearl is the best quality pearl in the world. Today Polynesian pearl farmers pamper their prized pearl-producing mollusks and the valuable pearl inside their shells for over two years.

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The atolls of the sprawling Tuamotu Archipelago are coral crowns growing on the summits of volcanoes that became dormant millions of years ago. Coral is a living structure that creates an environment that while somewhat fragile is rich with nutrients where these particular pearl oysters flourish... if, and this is a big if... they are cared for during their pearl creation cycle with constant attention. Needing cold waters, certain mineral salts and considerable care the oysters actually require their farmers to move them deeper when storms approach and into different water temperatures if the air temperature above the surface gets too warm. It is expensive for these Polynesian pearl farmers, but with their loving care eventually a perfect black or iridescent gray pearl will arrive, needing no shaping with human hands, waiting to be strung by world class artisans and brought to your family for generations of enjoyment.

You will find local artists like Kai Rochelle who've been at the recreation pool in the Grand Wailea Hotel Resort & Spa for fifteen years, and who not only hand-select each pearl directly from a Tahitian family member of the pearl farmer who grew them so that they only have the best selection, but who try to create one-of-a-kind designs that are priced far below what the jewelry giants charge. A friend looking to finally get her black pearl strand paid less than half of the lowest price she was able to find anywhere else, even the jewelry mart in LA. That allowed her to add earrings and a bracelet to her purchase and still be thousands under the other places she had shopped. Wherever you decide to shop, ask for a Tahitian black pearl, check for uniformity of size, color, luminescence and little or no pits or marks on the pearls. You can find necklaces that range from single beauties on simple bails to clusters of pearls strung with gold and diamonds all the way to double strands that would make a Hollywood diva stare. Even if this trip won't allow for your first black pearl purchase, begin the hunt while you're here this time. Myths of dragons and gods, danger, great value, and royalty...who said shopping isn't an adventure? Eventually you will capture your pearl necklace, slip it on and join the women in the world who have received their great prize. If your mate won't go with you, go alone and savor the danger...remember, part of the joy of the catch is the safari hunt.

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