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What To Take Back: Souvenirs and Gifts

Article by Kean Salzer

A few years ago you probably saw a child wearing a shirt with the words, "My parents went all the way to Maui and all they brought me was this lousy t-shirt". Poor kid. Not that he got a new shirt. That his folks would buy him something that would probably get him beaten up at school. You're here and your friends and family aren't, and when you unpack your bags you're either going to have a captive audience or a group of folks who, when your back is turned, mumble something about, "I would have brought back something." So, the pressure is on. You want to be a hit at the suitcase opening, but you don't want to go broke in the process. Fear not. Maui Net can help. Every Christmas we have to pack boxes of gifts and send them back full of Maui Hawaii stuff and still pay the bills in paradise. We know the bargains and we know what gets the family excited back home...

Maui Family Vacations

Tip 1: Consider bringing an empty suitcase. Unless you plan on buying jewelry for the entire crowd you are going to have at least a half a big suitcase full of stuff, and when you add that new swimsuit you had to have and the Tommy Bahama shirt he had to have to the suitcase you had to sit on to get it closed back home then you are going to have to spring for another $150 new case or mail everything and pay close to the same amount to have Uncle Sam's postal service (hopefully) meet you at home with the goodies.

Tip 2: Everyone is always on a diet, but every one of those liars secretly loves getting a box of chocolate covered mac nuts...yes, they will make the obligatory noises about not being able to eat this, and then in a few minutes you will find them in the closet or the car with chocolate all over their faces in a self-induced coma. Mac Nuts, with or without chocolate, can also be the great cover up. You know the've handed out all the gifts and everyone has one except him...or her...and ugggh. Chances are you will forget someone, while everyone, male, female, old, young, family or weird co-worker will expect you to bring them an A gift. Disclaimer: If you have Trader Joe's in your neighborhood he might already have mac nuts on the shelf, so the A gift becomes a C gift. Keep your eyes open the next time you walk down the snack aisle at the grocery....yes, we've seen you try to walk the aisle with your eyes's scary. Buy a big box of chocolate covered mac nuts for $10 at Costco, Wal-Mart or Longs and break it into the 5 smaller boxes for the world's best $2 gift. Told you we know how to stretch the gift dollar.

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