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Maui Hawaii: A Hidden Giant Waits For You To Discover Her - Part 2

We had a couple of best friends traveling together. Two retired teachers from Mishawka, Indiana. The youngest one, Eileen, 71, called at 7am. Louise, 73, wasn't going to make it. When I got her to put Louise on the phone I invited her to breakfast. Over macadamia pancakes with coconut syrup I pitched her hard, even though she was so afraid of heights she couldn't look out her fourth floor window. I asked her if I could arrange for the pilot to take her up three stories and bring her right down, would she do it just to be able to tell her grandkids she had overcome. She laughed and said she would as long as I promised not to let him take off into the wild blue yonder.

Maui Family Vacations

At ten we gathered out on the back grassy area of the hotel and when she saw Sally Mortenson get off with a huge grin on her face saying it was the best thing ever, and man, would she love to go again, I could see Louise soften a bit. The pilot was a friend who also owned the company. He got a lot of business from us and went along with the short flight. Louise got on very slowly. I put her in the middle in the back and asked her companions to help by holding her hands. West Maui Coastline They were new friends and everybody went for it. The chopper lifted off slowly and she had her eyes clenched tight. I watched as they rose about thirty feet above us, hovered and did a 360 and then slowly dropped back to the same spot where they had started. When I saw her face I knew she'd had a break through. She bravely said, let's go, and off they went toward the Napali Cliffs. She bought me a drink that night at dinner and had the waiter bring me a note of thanks. On Maui she actually purchased a second helicopter trip that wasn't included on the itinerary. She was hooked. I had dozens of those kinds of transformations.

Kapalua Maui

The helicopter tour companies have had decades to perfect the experience, and now all of them have great music, video capture, big windows with no bad seats, and routes that take your breathe away. The pilots love to create an event that you will remember for the rest of your life, so they will make sure you see the best waterfalls, the most amazing hidden cliffside beaches and rock formations, the mountaintop ridges that show you two sides of the island from the top of the world. Whatever the big ticket is I would go ahead and splurge, because in this case bigger is always better, and chances are this is a once in a lifetime experience that will always be at or near the top of your lifetime list. Then you can decide if, like Louise, you want to say, "Hana Hou" or one more time. I wouldn't be surprised at all if you went up on every island you visit. Bon Voyage.

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