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Nov. 25, 2007 by Michael Elam

Octopus Interaction at White Rock

I never was any good at spotting octopus. I usually have to rely on my dive buddy to discover and point them out. Doug spotted a nice one today as we were on our way back in. It was right on the top of the reef at the shoreline in only 2 feet of water. We watched it change colors and shapes to warn us off.

Seeing the octopus gives me the opportunity to share this amazing video clip of a fight between an octopus and an eel shot by PureDigital Maui. In this clip a Yellowmargin Moray Eel attacks an octopus but the octopus manages to wrap itself over the eel's face and almost suffocates it!

Another highlight was watching a juvenile Rockmover Wrasse flit through the water like a piece of seaweed. Here's a pretty cool video clip of one in action.

There happened to be several (4-5) Giant Porcupine fish swimming near each other. Normally I only see one at a time. I don't recall seeing so many in one spot.

We even ran into a pair of Bicolor Anthias in about 40' of water. I normally see these guys much deeper—like at 80' or so. But doing my research for this Blog posting I see that they can be found as shallow as 15-20 feet. Such beautiful coloring!

We found several Elkhorn Corals surrounded by the usual territorial Hawaiian Damselfish chirping away. I was hoping to see a pair of Harlequin Shrimp or a Lionfish hidden between the branches but no it was not to be today.

White Rock is a great place to be on the lookout for Manta or Eagle Rays but none flew by today. We just weren't in the right place at the right time.

All in all there were considerably more fish and turtles at White Rock than I've seen there in a while. Maybe it was due to the 60-80 foot visibility that allowed us to better scan the horizon and head where the fish were.

All photos provided courtesy of William Stohler.

Dive stats:

Location: White Rock, Wailea
Maximum Depth: 41 feet
Bottom Time: 67 minutes
Visibility: 60-80 feet
Water Temp: 77°

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