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Snorkeling Fever

Caution! Snorkeling on Maui can induce a feverish fascination.

South Maui Choppers: The Ultimate Maui Tour

Get to know one of Maui's most unusual activity companies! South Maui Choppers offers motorcycle rentals & tours unique in the world.

Maui's Fantasy Nine Golf

If this fantasy 9-hole Maui golf course actually existed on the Valley Isle, maybe you'd want to play it - or maybe you wouldn't...

Do a Maui Luau

A Maui luau is an eating adventure - and not to be missed!

The Amazing Black Pearl Necklace Adventure

Black pearl necklaces are the most romantic gift from Maui. Learn more about their history, and how to select a quality necklace on your Maui vacation.

The Ancient Art of Surfing

Little compares to the thrill of standing on water. Balanced on a board that's cutting across the face of a fast-moving, foamy wave, you can't help but feel like a surfing superhero.

Maui Hiking From Summit to Sea

You may be tempted to spend all waking hours at the beach, but don't miss out on Maui's other natural wonders. Our island offers hikes of astonishing variety, from the sparkling shoreline to the 10,023-foot summit of Haleakala (House of the Sun).

Maui Golf: Trekking the Hills at the Mercedes-Benz

Maui golf's premier event is the Mercedes-Benz Championship. It's a challenging venue – and not just for the pros!

True Life Tales from a Hawaiian Hula Dancer

What is it like to be a Hawaiian hula dancer? How do they learn their art? In "True Life Tales" Julie Y offers us a glimpse into the world of Hawaiian dance.

Top Ten Maui Souvenirs

Besides that sunburn, bring something marvelous home from Maui. These ten tropical souvenirs will tide you over when the mainland traffic jams or snowstorms start to chip away at your sanity.

Saltwater Rodeo

What’s the fastest way to Molokini? Climb aboard Blue Water Rafting's fleet of high-powered rafts for a soakin' good time.

Hot Picks for Island Nightlife

Whether it's a Cirque du Soleil-style production of Hawaiian mythology or a local hip-hop band with an electric ukulele player, you'll find something entertaining every night of the week on Maui.

What To Take Back: Souvenirs and Gifts

You're here on Maui island and your friends and family aren't, and when you unpack your bags you're either going to have a captive audience or a group of folks who, when your back is turned, mumble something about, "I would have brought back something." So, the pressure is on...

Climbing "Earthquake Hill" on Maui

"Gaining altitude on the hill, I worked my way west. I discovered an ascending trail useful to humans but most likely maintained by goats. The path soon rose above the treeline, but beneath the gaze of the sun, long was the walk to the top...."

Highway 360: The Road to Hana

The road to Hana is a journey through spectacular scenery and white-knuckle adventure along the fabled Highway 360.

Taking a Day Trip to An Outer Island

Is it worth giving up a day of your Maui Vacation to visit a neighbor island? Maybe. Kean Salzer reviews some day-tripper adventures.

The Magic Carpet Ride

A helicopter tour of Maui Hawaii is an altogether different experience from flying in a plane. Think of it as the magic carpet ride of ancient tales come to life....

Maui Hawaii: A Hidden Giant Waits For You To Discover Her

If you've never taken a helicopter tour... if, maybe, you're a little afraid to go... think twice. Touring Maui by helicopter can be a transforming - and unforgettable - experience.

Beach Experts Needed

Gold sand, red sand, black sand – Maui beaches come in every flavor.