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  • Pearl's Korean BBQ
  • 275 Kaahumanu Ave in the Queen Kaahumanu Shopping Center
  • Kahului, HI 96732
  • (808) 877-0788

2 Reviews

Pearl's Korean BBQ is the ideal place for an affordable, yet tasty Korean plate lunch. It is located in Central Maui at the Queen Kaahumanu Shopping Center food court.

2 User Reviews

Okay fast plate luch

I agree, the food is good.

Bacteria is always growing though. I know for a fact that when you bring out fresh made foods to the buffet area, you are to use that new pan and take out the old and disgard the remainding food inside NOT scrape it out and put it on top of the new products that just came out. You are not supposed to use the same spoon or tongs in the new products too. The old bacteria now is in the new products and increases more now. It's up to ones' body to fight off the increased bacteria, if not you are the one that will get the food poisoning.

Good Korean Food

This place has changed hands (and names) a number of times. However, the food has always tasted great! I have noticed the prices have always seemed to inch up though, kinda of on the "high-end" of plate lunch prices. I do recommend beating the lunch and dinner rush as it does take some time for your order to be fixed up (fresh made on the grill). If you are a big eater, you will be completely satisfied. OR, if you are a moderate eater, the plate is big enough to feed two, just ask for extra rice or vegetable (additional cost) and an extra side plate.

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