Hotel Hana-Maui
Westin Maui

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Serving up grilled island fish, steak, chicken, and vegetarian selections with prices at $8.50 and below. Dine-in or take-out available. Located in the Kamaole Beach Center in Kihei. Breakfast from 9am to 11:30am, Lunch and Dinner from 9am to 9pm. Also located in the Napili Plaza, Lahaina Square, and the Queen Kaahumanu Shopping Center in Kahului.


5 User Reviews

A Good Mistake

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We’ve been to paradise, “Maui” countless times. Like most, we come for the sun, fun, and of course great food. We happened upon Maui Tacos somewhat by mistake, but unlike most, this is one we look forward to making every time we return. Bottom line, it’s not fast food. A blend of seasonings brings out a wonderful flavor and once coupled with their Salsa Bar….ah magnificent. We all love their crispy Chicken Tacos and Spanish rice. Give Maui Tacos a shot, and you’ll soon be asking for a listing of other store locations to visit on your trip to paradise.

There's Better

Maui Taco's gets a lot of good press, and people seem to generally like it, but I'd rate it average at best. Having had the good fortune to live on the mainland in areas with a heavy Mexican population, I kind of wonder if the people who like it have ever had good Mexican food.

My recommendation is "Fernando's" which is, somewhat unbelievably, located at the food court by Borders in Kahului. You'll have to sacrifice a pleasant dining area for unbelievable chicken enchiladas, but for me it's worth it.

OK tacos, but not the best

Maui Tacos is definitely Hawaiian-Mexican, if there is such a thing. But, we found the tacos not very flavorful and a bit dry. High prices as well.

Better tacos are to be found at Jawz Tacos in Kihei near Big Beach (look for the truck).


Maui Tacos is not Mexican food. Lets get it straight. Maui Tacos is Maui Tacos and it is world famouse.

Maui Tacos has good food. The prices are slightly more than I'd like to pay but the food is DELICIOUS. Awesome food after you surf!!! Get plenty different salsas that you can choose!

Good Mexican Food

Not what I expected, but in a good way. I'm used to the "taco bell" kinda stuff. But this is not Mexican fast-food. The taste is really fresh, and they give HUGE amounts! They also let you pile on your own sides.

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