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  • Ba-le Sandwich Shop
  • 270 Dairy Road in the Maui Marketplace
  • Kahului, HI 96732
  • (808) 877-2400
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3 Reviews

Located in Central Maui at the Maui Marketplace Food Court, Ba-le's is the ideal place for quick and affordable Vietnamese food. Also located in West Maui at the Lahaina Cannery Mall and South Maui.

3 User Reviews

don't order the fish

They have opakapaka on the menu, but when you get your food. Its one piece of opakapaka and the rest is talapia. They might be able to fool the tourist but you can't fool the locals when it comes to fish! I brought my dish back to complain only to get an earfull from the owner, talk about bad business. My friends and family will never eat there again due to their dishonesty.

best noodles on maui

I love this place. their soups can't be beat.

The Lemongrass Chicken Sandwich yea

Bale' looks like a chain, but whatever...they have the killer lemongrass chicken sandwich...I also had taro flavored tapioca...which was a first...also a last, but I had to try it. Wifey had the chicken pho and it was loaded with all kinds of fresh herbs...smelled so good. I have to have that sandwich again...

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