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Kapalua's World Class Activities

May. 31, 2009

World Class Activities the Ritz Carlton and Kapalua   ...

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Local Restaurants Continue Dining Deals

May. 22, 2009

 Find more dining deals at ...

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Three Maui Dinners You Shouldn't Miss

Don't leave the Valley Isle without sampling the best of its cuisine - particularly the seafood you're unlikely to enjoy anywhere else. Here are three Maui restaurants you won't want to miss.

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Maui Restaurants . . . .

Dining on Maui

Explore Our Cosmopolitan Cuisine . . . . .

Fine Dining

Find a memorable setting and unforgettable meal with one of Maui's finest restaurants.

Casual Restaurants

Find the right restaurant to relax with friends or take the family.

Pubs & Sports Bars

Looking for some fellow sports fans? Or just some relaxed company? Look here!

Unique Take-Out Eating

Want to eat at the beach? Find unique food-to-go in our take-out section.

Taste of the Island

What's a Plate Lunch?

It's a local necessity! A Hawaii classic of excess calories, carbs, and tastiness. Your traditional plate lunch consists of two scoops of rice, one scoop of macaroni salad, and at least one meat dish -- beef teriyaki? pork cutlet? hamburger pattie and gravy? breaded mahi? You choose -- there are lots of options. Some restaurants will let you substitute a green salad for the macaroni. Others might include a few extra side dishes. Most places will serve your meal on a plate if you are going to eat-in, but if you ask for take-out you can get your meal-to-go in a styrofoam box with fork or chopsticks (your choice) -- perfect for taking to the beach or park so you can dine in the open. A plate lunch works perfectly well for dinner too -- think of it as Hawaii comfort food.

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Will I have to dress up for dinner and bring a suit or fancy dress?

* NO, not in Maui! Dress codes are relaxed throughout the island.

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