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Mar. 9, 2010 by erinsa

My experiences in Maui

My friend Emily and I have talked about our weddings ever since we were little girls, she has always wanted an unforgettable experience somewhere exotic, we both grew up on the outskirts of London, where it would be her, her man and a few close family and friends.

And so it was, last summer her man granted her wish and Maui was the chosen place as it had been recommended by the groom’s work colleagues. I had never been to Hawaii before this trip but after watching many films in which Hawaii is featured, I expected plenty of sunshine, friendly people and cocktails. I must say I wasn’t disappointed on any of those points, we stayed at the Kaanapali beach club where we would wake up every morning and have breakfast while enjoying the sunrays, we enjoyed the water sports but also found time to go to Lahaina for some shopping.

I recommend Maui but if you do plan to shop though its best to check with your bank before using your debit card or credit card, I made the mistake of using my debit card while there, all my bank told me is that it would work, they didn’t mention that they would charge me for it, I discovered that when I came back. Alternatively you can use a prepaid debit card which was the solution most people use if they don’t have credit cards.

I would say Maui is a wonderful place and I’d definitely comeback if I have the money, full credit to the staff at Kaanapali Beach club, we had a memorable time.


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Posted by mariajim on Jun. 22, 2010

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"Hi,its great that you have enjoyed your trip to this beautiful island. I am also fond of travelling and i am very much impressed by your way that how you describe this island. Now i am planning a trip and guess what "Maui" here i come.Thanks for telling us the beauty of this island. car authorized centres"

Posted by rahul on May. 19, 2010

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"Aloha Erin, I am glad that you enjoyed your stay on our beautiful island. If you dont mind me asking, from where were you visiting that your bank would impose such fees? Nonetheless, recommend Maui to your friends and we hope to see you again soon. And next time, stay in south Maui. ;-)"

Posted by Maui Real Estate Search on Mar. 13, 2010

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