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Aug. 21, 2007 by jdewolfe


Hey, we are about to  cellebrate our 20th on Oct 16/07 in maui, so if anyone reading this has any recommondation on where to go or what to do, please feel free to post a blog as we will be checking in from time to time till our departure, we will be renting a car and plan to travel the island, so there is no limit as to where we will go, thanks. 


"I would have a lunch at Kimo's in Lahaina...maybe a late lunch... And dinner at either Mama's Fish House or Hailemaile General Store...both really fun... If I made the trip to Hana I would take a pair of slacks and shoes and have dinner at the Hotel Hana Maui and stay for the hawaiian music...awesome."

Posted by Kean Salzer on Aug. 25, 2007

"In addition to boo's recommendations, I suggest the following: 1) Trilogy Sail 2) Old Lahaina Luau (make reservations right now- they get booked quickly) 3) If you don't want to drive all the way to Hana, going up to Keanae is a good. You still get to see the lush tropical side without driving too far. 4) The Levender Farm (Ke Alii, I think is the name) is one of my favorite place (probably more for the wifey :) 5) Makena Beach 6) Kamaole Beaches. I'm going to blog about restaurants that I like on Maui on my personal blog. I'll let you know when it's up. Happy Anniversary :) "

Posted by Lizas Eyeview on Aug. 23, 2007

"The sunrise at Haleakala is beautiful. I recommend you call ahead for the sunrise time and approximate travel time from where you will be staying. Get their really early as it does fill up and the parking lot will be closed by the Rangers. The temperature with wind-gust can be in the 50's so dress appropriately. Sunset in Lahaina is awesome! If you are into the romantic atmosphere, I recommend dinner at Whaler's Village, maybe Leilani's (higher priced), or Hula Grill (informal, outdoor grill). If you enjoy the night life, I recommend Kimo's on Front Street. Be sure to call ahead for reservations and ask for an outdoor or window seat. Happy Anniversary! "

Posted by boo on Aug. 22, 2007

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