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Mar. 19, 2008 by Lizas Eyeview

Easter already?

I can't believe that my last post here was on Christmastime. It's now almost Easter! Has been busy updating my other blog (Liza's Eyeview) that I have neglected posting here. I hope to post more because I love Maui and love sharing about Maui-life to you all.

If I remember right, we usually have a lot of tourists here on Maui around this time because of Spring Break.  Have fun everyone.

What are you guys planning to so on Easter? Our family is going to Hope Chapel on Friday Night and Sunday Morning. If you don't have any plans, I invite you to come to Hope. If you'd like to see a slide show of last year's Easter celebration, go to Liza's Eyeview and you'd find a link there.

Happy Resurrection Day and God bless!

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