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Maui Top Ten: A Personal List of Some of Maui's Best Artists | Maui.Net - All Things Maui
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Great Maui Artists

A List By Linda

Linda Nagata is a writer and programmer. She admits to no special expertise in art, but offers up the following as a list of some of her favorite Maui artists.

1. Kit Gentry
Kit Gentry has lived on Maui since 1993. Most of his pictures are focused on landscape or other natural elements. "Landscape has always reflected the themes of most enduring interest for me: the vastness of the geological ages, the sheer power of natural forces, and the overwhelming mystery behind the very existence of the natural world. Nature is beautiful, but it's also powerful - even destructively, dangerously so - and I'm not interested in presenting nature as any more benign than it really is." -- KG

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2. Curtis Cost
Curtis Wilson Cost is Maui's best known and most accomplished traditionalist painter. His crisp landscapes, alive with color and scrupulous detail, are examples of heightened realism at its finest.

3. George Allan
George Allan has been an award-winning oil painter on Maui for over 30 years.

4. Betty Hay Freeland
Betty Hay Freeland is one of Hawaii's most highly regarded artists, her compelling impressionist landscapes are widely collected. She portrays the staggering beauty of Hawaii with a tender touch.

5. Melissa Chimera
Melissa Chimera is a conservationist and painter. Four years ago, she moved to Maui to protect Nature Conservancy forests and now leads volunteers into the wilds of Haleakala National Park. Her inspiration is rare plants that she and her husband, a botanist, encounter in remote places.

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