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Art Galleries: Upcountry

The talent exhibited by Maui artist Deybra Fair comes from a “place she goes when her mind, body and soul are taken over by the spirit of imagination.” She works in every conceivable medium available to her, and is constantly in a state of creation.

Avalene Gallery features internationally renowned artists, Jan Kasprzycki, Steven Lee Smeltzer, Daniel Merriam, Tom Faught, and favorites, Lisa Kasprzycki and Dell Arenz. Each artist expressing their creativity in a variety of mediums; including, oil paintings, watercolor, ceramic and bronze.

This gallery/studio is the only glassblowing studio on Maui. It is completely open to the public. A bright orange glow in the rear of the shop attracts the visitor's eye and proves to be the place where the glass objects are made. Bring the family.

Peter Naramore personally selected over one hundred pieces of finely crafted European and American antiques and brought them to Maui. They are displayed in The Kingswood Shop, a striking new gallery, built for this collection next to his workshop in Keokea.

It is truly amazing; there is such a wide spectrum of styles that are encompassed in her works, that you’d think there is more than one artist in her gallery, but the gallery features Julie’s work exclusively! Her range is so astonishing you have to see it to believe it.

You can always find something perfect for a gift or as a memory saver of your trip to Maui. Tour the grounds of this historic Center. Become a member to support the arts on Maui.