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Lahaina Arts Society

Celebrating 40 Years
of Service to the
Maui Community

Lahaina Arts Society, on Maui, Hawaii, is a showcase and "training ground" for local artists, and has been at the center of Lahaina and its art scene since November 14, 1967. It is now the oldest art gallery in one of the largest art markets in the USA. Since 1968, the Society has been located in the Old Courthouse, an historic building in the center of Lahaina, down by the harbor. The building was constructed to form the seat of government for Maui, Hawaii, in the 1860s. Lahaina Arts Society is a 501(c)(3) charity dedicated to arts education and Maui artists.

We foster and encourage art appreciation and expression, the development of artistic ability and other skills, particularly through the medium of classes or other guidance and instruction in all forms of art, including oil painting, water color, drawing, sketching, ceramics, sculpture, lei-making, oriental flower arrangement, interpretive dancing, little theater groups, and generally to cultivate and promote community interest in every form of artistic activity.

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Artists: Fresh Perspectives

An artist with a camera, Kenn Briner captures Maui and shares with his audience the world through his eyes.

Says Gwen Arkin, "Over the past several I've become enamored with the Holga, an inexpensive plastic camera, and, a handmade, teak pinhole camera...Such constraints result in an extremely visceral process, and in impressions that are both unpredictable and often serendipitous."

Linda paints abstract monotypes and they can be viewed at the Maui Hands, Hana Coast Gallery, the Four Seasons, and Cedar Street Galleries in Honolulu.

Jamie Ross is an award-winning artist who has original, hand-sculpted jewelry in private collections throughout the world. Call for appointment.

Lori's rich contemporary style was developed over a 3 year stay in the Fiji Islands. She abstracts and exaggerates the female form interlocking shapes with vibrant color. This particular style is known as her "Femme" series or style.

The art of Toula Vivilakis is rooted in Hawaiian and Greek mythologies, Egyptology and modern life and is visible by appointment only.