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William Glasner at Dolphin Galleries

William Glasner

William Glasner creates beautiful vessels in fresh glossy colored glass with soft frosted leaf designs applied to the exterior. The precision of his work make this process seem simple when in reality it is very difficult. In order to put two pieces of glass together they must both be very hot - hot enough that they are extremely flexible. Putting hot leaf designs onto the exterior of a still developing vase shape with precision and artistic grace is a quite an accomplishment! I am sure you will have a renewed appreciation of his work when you view our collection.

Jia Liu at Dolphin Galleries

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Jia Liu

Jia Lu was born in 1954 in Beijing, China, where she worked as a nurse, an actor, a Navy Officer, an art editor and as a professional basketball trainee before enrolling in the Central Academy of Art and Design to begin her professional training as an artist. As the daughter of two artists, Lu came by her talents naturally and has exhibited her work in national and international exhibitions since childhood.

Frogman at Dolphin Galleries


Through the centuries and throughout the world FROGS have symbolized many things -- good luck, royalty, fertility, magic potions, energy, charm, indiscretion, etc. etc. In today's fast world, life sometimes becomes complicated and stressful. As you can see, my art is not. It's elegant, stylish, whimsical, unique and pure FUN!