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GreenMauiGuide Maui, Hawaii

May. 28, 2008 (3594 views)

Hey fellow bloggers,Thanks for reading and please go to our new website to join our forum and find out about being enviornmentally responsible through green practices. we are an organization that driven by Maui college student to inform the community about being green. Thanks for your time and please stop by our site for further information!Thanks

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Posted By Green Maui Guide

Affordable Housing On Maui

Apr. 3, 2008 (4451 views)

Affordable Homes. It has become a controversial term these days. People from all walks of life have different interpretations and attitudes on it. One only has to mention “affordable homes” in a conversation and you’ll hear a tremendous amount of opinions and point of views, some are very emphatic, and some are apathetic. I am quite familiar with the issues of Affordable Homes on Maui because I work with a developer/builder who is dedicated to building affordable homes for the...

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Posted By Lizas Eyeview

Easter already?

Mar. 19, 2008 (4446 views)

I can't believe that my last post here was on Christmastime. It's now almost Easter! Has been busy updating my other blog (Liza's Eyeview) that I have neglected posting here. I hope to post more because I love Maui and love sharing about Maui-life to you all.If I remember right, we usually have a lot of tourists here on Maui around this time because of Spring Break.  Have fun everyone.What are you guys planning to so on Easter? Our...

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Posted By Lizas Eyeview

Donuts on a Stick

Mar. 1, 2008 (5465 views)

I was looking for the Komoda T Store and Bakery listing to give a review, and it's not listed on  So I decided to dedicate this blog posting to the wonders of this upcountry bakery.First I have to say I miss Dunkin Donuts.  I mean I really, really miss Dunkin Donuts.  If there's anyone on the mainland reading this, and you're close to a Dunkin Donuts, send me an e-mail - I may be willing to do a trade if you can overnight me a few cinnamon cake donuts.My only...

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Posted By The Mountain Queen

Living in Paradise

Feb. 27, 2008 (4134 views)

A friend on the mainland thinks that I spend all day on the beach, sitting under a palm tree drinking coconut juice.  But the reality of living on Maui is much more challenging, from the high cost of living (gas is already $4.00 a gallon here), to education, to navigating the cultural barriers and fluctuating job market.But just when I think about moving back to the Bay Area, I remember the Safeway that I used to go to.  There were always several people outside the sliding glass...

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Posted By The Mountain Queen

Run For The Whales

Feb. 12, 2008 (3859 views)

Saturday February 9, some co-worker and friends (Ron, Ben, Byron and Shannon) and I, participated in the Run For The Whales Fun Run. We did the 5K run and it was fun! It was a last minute decision for me. And knowing that we would be staying up late the previous night because of The Music Man, I was afraid I would...

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Posted By Lizas Eyeview

Recycling all metal cans now

Feb. 11, 2008 (3886 views)

The Honolulu Advertiser is reporting that residents of Maui can now recycle pretty much any kind of metal cans, not just aluminum cans (see the article here). This is welcome news to those who view recycling not just as a way of getting our money back...

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Posted By boo


Feb. 6, 2008 (2933 views)

Aloha,I'm new to this website, but an old Auntie on da island.  Wanna tell the world about my wonderful home.Check back soon!...

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Posted By Maui Hawaii 808

Dating on the island

Jan. 29, 2008 (4961 views)

For us locals, it can be tough finding other NEW locals to hang out with.  It's been a frustration of mine.  Probably the best thing to do is hang out where the tourists do, but that can also be a pain since people on vacation tend to live it up while they're here without any intension of keeping in touch.  I've tried going out to clubs and the bar scene, but it's hit or miss.  I've done every activitiy you can do on the Island.  Zip lining, biking, helicopter tours,...

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Posted By Gary

FUN maui net ONLINE City - Help it GROW!

Jan. 29, 2008 (3247 views)

Hey folks, I came across a fun thing. It's called "My Mini City" and i'm hooked. I've made one for Maui Net. Check it out!Everytime a unique IP address visits that link, a new thing is added to the "City". Watch it grow! Eventually, additional links must be clicked on to "Maintain" the city. It's irritatingly addictive!

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Posted By Surfer