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Hawaii's Blue Sharks ~ Facing Extinction

Apr. 27, 2009 (3748 views)

Blue sharks are found worldwide in tropical and temperate waters.  In Hawaii these beautiful sharks can also be seen in near-shore waters as well.  The largest blue shark on record, according to researchers, was 12.6 feet, but they are rumored to reach up to 20 feet.  This length has yet to be documented.  Researchers believe male sharks mature first around 4 to 5 years old and about 9 feet in length.  Females age about 5 to 6 years and...

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Posted By Katie Velasquez

Spinner or Bottlenose ~ How do you tell?

Apr. 21, 2009 (7990 views)

We are often asked about porpoise and dolphins when we are out on the water during one of our marine safaris.  First, we do not have porpoise in Hawaiian waters.  Porpoise have very blunt rostrums, short, triangular dorsal fins and their teeth are spade shaped.  In the above photos, the triangular-shaped, dark dorsal fin is a spinner dolphin, whose rostrum...

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Posted By Katie Velasquez

Male Humpbacks Time Running Out

Apr. 13, 2009 (2535 views)

Although it is the end of the season, there are still many humpback whales around the Hawaiian islands looking to mate.  This very large male escort traveling next to a lovely female appeared to be very agitated.  There were at least six other males behind him trying to take his place, something he was trying to prevent with every ounce of his strength.  Fighting males not only...

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Posted By Katie Velasquez

A Maui Blog

Dec. 14, 2008 (3496 views)

I visit this website regularly and often stops by the blogs.  I am sorry I have not posted  much lately and I am hoping to post more regularly next year.  In the meantime, you can also find me at my other blog called A MAUI BLOG.Click HERE to visit A Maui Blog and talk story with me.  But don't forget to keep visiting here to as there are many info on Maui here....

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Posted By Lizas Eyeview

Best Dessert On Maui

Sep. 20, 2008 (5581 views)

I can tell you nothing rocks like fudge. Is there? I dare you to tell me otherwise... Nuts or no nuts... good fudge is from the gods! A cup of coffee and a pound of fudge... I'm salivating as I type. I have been blessed with some friends who can make unbelievable fudge - and also love me! So, I get fudge for my birthday and most holidays. I am not too proud to beg and plead for it. Heather lives on the mainland and Cassie...

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Posted By Lizas Eyeview

Zippy's on Maui

Aug. 20, 2008 (6333 views)

Well, Zippy's is now offically opened on Maui.  Last week when we went for dinner at 8:30pm (pre-opening week) the waiter or whomever he was said that they, the restaurant side is closed.  I asked what time you close?  He said at 8.  So I asked him are you guys closing at 8 everynight?  He said yes.  What a lie!  Rookies!  Then he told us to go to the Take Out area to see if they are opened.  While walking over, we asked a worker if they are opened,...

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Posted By TangNingRou

Perfect Maui Wedding

Jul. 14, 2008 (3839 views)

Aloha!  I wanted to thank some people for putting together a great wedding for my neice, Keilana.Maui Executive Catering - did a great job with some delicious pupu's and entrees.  The short-ribs were incredible!!Natalie Brown Photography - Natalie was such a pleasure to have.  She was unobtrusive during the ceremony and so sweet.  The images we've seen so far in the slideshow are amazing! ...

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Posted By Maui Hawaii 808


Jul. 6, 2008 (3200 views)

My heart is aching to be in for my kids to be near their dad in So. Cal. keeps me from the waters that heal me.  Home that I bought for my future dwelling sits on the water's edge, hoping that a good renter will come and lift the burden off my shoulders.  Hopes and wishes for my boys outweigh my own hopes and wishes for myself.  Please just pray for me to keep my home waiting for me in paradise.  Maui no ka oi!!...

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Posted By beachladyy

The Garden Spa - A True Maui Gem

Jun. 20, 2008 (4155 views)

Many times in our lives we just need to find that quiet space that is nurturin...

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Posted By Brent Turner

GreenMauiGuide Maui, Hawaii

Jun. 4, 2008 (3871 views)

Hello Bloggers, This is Green Maui Guide back again this week to tell you about our website and ask people to please come visit our site for more information about green and ways to be environmentally responsible in your daily living practices. You can also myspace us at our myspace page for further info or just to be our friend, thanks for your support and look forward to seeing you in our forums posting...

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Posted By Green Maui Guide