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Winter on Maui

Mar. 3, 2010 (3511 views)

Its been really cold the last week on Maui.  We had to sleep in our PJs.  I think there are 8 houses on Maui with heating systems but I just heard that through the grapevine.We're all thankful that the tsunami fizzled out.  We were probably safe at 3,000ft though...

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Posted By tross

Hawaiian Telcom Wireless Portout Fee

Feb. 11, 2010 (3105 views)

02/11/2010Hawaiian Telcom Wireless charges a fee to move your phone number to another provider (it's hidden in the fine print). The customer service agent I spoke with said there was no charge to simply close the account but to close your account and move your number they charge $25 plus tax per number. Does it sound like they care about their customers?Verizon DOESN'T charge this fee:

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Posted By Listen-up

Maui Weddings Spousal Relationship in a Truthful Sense

Dec. 8, 2009 (3451 views)

Human beings lead their whole life with different kinds of relationships. If there is no relationship existed, then the very existence of mankind will be under severe threat. The relationship between father and son, mother and daughter, husband and wife are put to litmus-test during different phases of life. The relation between husband and wife is quite demanding of them all. Two unknown souls tie nuptial knot to spend the rest of their lives together. Better understanding, making compromises on...

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Posted By Morgan

Small number of people responsible for alcohol ban

Sep. 14, 2009 (8604 views)

Is anybody really seeing the big picture here? Let me try to give you the Reader's Digest version of what is going on with banning alcohol at Charley Young Beach. Ninety-eight percent of the time, the beach is being used with an unsaid cooperation and understanding for other beachgoers and everything is just another day at the beach. Now enter the other 2 percent who have not a care in the world for anybody but their own arrogant selves and who also have no respect for the residents and...

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Posted By Friends of Charley Young Beach

One "wing nut whacko" on a campaign

Sep. 4, 2009 (3495 views)

Since my "snatching" of the up-side down flag from the county council chambers, many people have shared their opinions with me, some in support, and some not, regarding my action.  Everyone has been civil about expressing their opinions, all except one person.  He calls himself "MauiMatt", and has embarked on a one man campaign to discredit me. He hides behind a blank bio with no picture and spews his hate filled...

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Posted By Friends of Charley Young Beach

Slight of hand, the political shell game

Aug. 27, 2009 (3319 views)

So, on Tuesday, August 25th, the Maui county council passed the ban on alcohol consumtion at CYB.  Three members of the council, including council president Danny Mateo, were not present to record their vote, for or against.  And yet again, Jo Anne Johnson, author of the bill, pontificated about the conduct of beach goers.  It was just one week ago that Ms. Johnson told the attendee's at the Kihei Community Association meeting that, that was not her motive for "supporting",...

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Posted By Friends of Charley Young Beach

Up-date got lost...

Aug. 9, 2009 (3004 views)

Aloha friends,I attended the County council meeting on Friday, August 7th.  At that meeting, I took extreme offense to Wayne Nishiki's up-side down flag and took the occassion to remove it.  I spent about two hours drafting a post for this blog to cover the CYB issue, and to address my removal of the offending flag.  When I clicked "post", it took me back to the sign in page, and my post was lost.Rather then try to rewrite it, I am submitting a letter to the editor,...

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Posted By Friends of Charley Young Beach

Visiting Freinds that live on Maui..

Aug. 2, 2009 (2258 views)

We was visiting friends and learned, things are slowing down..Employment it hard to find so, please tip well to the ones that are still working......

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Posted By farmer

County notices require constant Internet vigilance

Jul. 29, 2009 (2567 views)

LETTER TO THE EDITOR PUBLISHED JULY 25TH:{ I just received an "e-mail alert" from the Maui County Planning Commission that read: "A new event will appear on the site in 11 days. When that happens, you can click on the link below to go directly to the new posting - Maui Planning Commission." Eleven days? Is this an example of the best our employees can do with this technology? Perhaps that is why no one showed up for the first hearings on the Charley Young beach issue. We forgot...

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Posted By Friends of Charley Young Beach

Cultural Diversity on Maui

Jun. 7, 2009 (3323 views)

I love a lot of things about Maui. I think I’ve said this a hundred times...

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Posted By A Maui Blog