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Artists: Landscape

Joe Fletcher

17732 Haleakala Highway
Kula, HI

Joe trudges through cow pastures, old sugar mills, under waterfalls and into volcanoes, painting the many scenic treasures of Maui with great enthusiasm.

Margaret Bedell

Wailea, HI

Margaret Bedell is now a plein-air painter and directs a life-drawing workshop in Kihei

Diana Dorenzo

Kula, HI

Diana Dorenzo is a gypsy. Art is her language and her palette is one of powerful atmospherics, a tempest of bold strokes and rich colors revolving around a calm eye of nuance and mood.

Kari McCarthy

Kula, HI

Kari McCarthy was already an established—and award-winning—graphic designer when she began to study fine art. In 2003 she was invited to join an artists’ collective, and has since become one of Maui’s preeminent colorists.