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Artists: On The Edge

Denise Phillips

Denise Phillips is rapidly becoming known throughout the world as one of Hawaii's premiere primitive potters. She has combined her expert hand building skill, graceful use of form, adaptation of primitive pottery techniques and a mastery of burnishing to produce ceramic art which is both sensuously beautiful and deeply complex.

Brad Huck

Kihei, HI

Brad Huck's work is defined by what he the underlying energy of nature.

Rona Smith

Rona Smith is a bead artist who uses an applique style to create her art treasures.

Connie J. Adams

With an exciting blend of technical expertise and a passion for abstract patterns, Ms. Adams creates sensual and dramatic botanical images, landscapes and still lifes. The images are multi-layered; from decorative to symbolic and contemplative reflecting not only the tenuous life on an island, but the universal truths recumbent in all plant life.

Arthur Dennis Williams

1320 Kekaulike Avenue
Kula, HI

A master sculptor working primarily in Hawaiian woods, Dennis creates with emotion.