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Artists: Maui Traditions

George Allan

17526 Haleakala Highway
Kula, HI

George Allan has been a prolific impressionist painter on Maui for 24 years. Studio visits by appointment.

BH Freeland

Haiku, HI

Betty Hay Freeland is one of Hawaii's most highly regarded artists, her compelling impressionist landscapes are widely collected. She portrays the staggering beauty of Hawaii with a tender touch.

Kit Gentry

Village Galleries Maui
120 Dickenson Street
Lahaina, HI

In all of my work, I prefer to practice disciplined realism from an observation of nature, because I feel that our dearest emotions are attached to the real and immediate experience of life, and that the true grandeur of life is best perceived through nature itself.

Ed Lane

Wailea, HI

Ed Lane creates vibrant oil paintings of Hawaii, Tahiti, France, Napa Valley and Hungary.