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Denise Phillips

Denise Phillips is rapidly becoming known throughout the world as one of Hawaii's premiere primitive potters. She has combined her expert hand building skill, graceful use of form, adaptation of primitive pottery techniques and a mastery of burnishing to produce ceramic art which is both sensuously beautiful and deeply complex.

Kenn Briner

Makawao, HI

An artist with a camera, Kenn Briner captures Maui and shares with his audience the world through his eyes.

George Allan

17526 Haleakala Highway
Kula, HI

George Allan has been a prolific impressionist painter on Maui for 24 years. Studio visits by appointment.

Rebecca Lowell

Beachfront at the Kaanapali Beach Hotel
Kaanapali, HI

Rebecca Lowell came to Maui in 1991 for a rest, and decided to stay. Rebecca started selling her watercolors at a craft fair in Lahaina, and realized there was a lack of affordable art for tourists. She applied the marketing rule, "if there is a need and you fill it, you have a business." Her instincts were right, and she now delights island visitors with prints of her luminous oil and watercolor paintings, available for purchase at approximately 45 locations throughout the islands.

Joe Fletcher

17732 Haleakala Highway
Kula, HI

Joe trudges through cow pastures, old sugar mills, under waterfalls and into volcanoes, painting the many scenic treasures of Maui with great enthusiasm.

Brad Huck

Kihei, HI

Brad Huck's work is defined by what he the underlying energy of nature.

Gwen Arkin

Says Gwen Arkin, "Over the past several I've become enamored with the Holga, an inexpensive plastic camera, and, a handmade, teak pinhole camera...Such constraints result in an extremely visceral process, and in impressions that are both unpredictable and often serendipitous."

Margaret Bedell

Wailea, HI

Margaret Bedell is now a plein-air painter and directs a life-drawing workshop in Kihei

Diana Dorenzo

Kula, HI

Diana Dorenzo is a gypsy. Art is her language and her palette is one of powerful atmospherics, a tempest of bold strokes and rich colors revolving around a calm eye of nuance and mood.

Rona Smith

Rona Smith is a bead artist who uses an applique style to create her art treasures.