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I Know There's a Word For It...

Article by Lizz Christed

Like a lot of people in the Healing Field, I am waiting for a word to come through that better communicates what I do than "Healer." Over the last year it has started to feel more and more like a relic to me. Anyone well entrenched in the healing arts and sciences has experienced the limitations of using the term "Healer," for a number of reasons; firstly, because we know that it is not actually the healer who is doing the work.

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That has always been true, but it is now becoming comically apparent. Recently, while doing sessions, a good portion of the work happens without my DOING anything! This shift began occurring about three months ago. Previously, I would be present for my partner, hold space, listen to Guidance, decide what modality to use, listen to Guidance again, work again, so on and so forth until we were complete. I still use modalities as necessary, but the energy and subtle body-work has become so fast and so big, my human self simply cannot keep up! Of course, this human form I am in is still an invaluable tool, as nothing can compare to the comfort and presence of the human touch. I do not see that changing any time soon.

I have always understood that the Divine was orchestrating every session and my part-to-play was to be a vessel for my partner (I prefer the term partner to client). Love, light and healing energy would come through my hand chakras and I would share this energy by directing it to my partner or by touching them to transmit it. What has shifted now is that my part is simply to Show Up! Energy, grids, light & Love come straight down from above or from my core, from every pore in my body, or from all different directions from my field into my partner's field. It's too much to contain, often too much to even explain. I am conscious that a good deal of what I share is the Divine Feminine and Christ Consciousness, and this increase is in a large part due to their increased presence on Earth and the increase in the need for them.

These transmissions happen before I even open the session and throughout, without conscious direction from me. Whether I am working in the ocean, a pool, on a table or doing a remote/distance healing, my role is changing to one where I am simply communicating what is taking place automatically. I am aware that part of this occurs simply because of the vibration that I carry (and because of the initiations that I have undergone) and part of it is because I have truly surrendered to the process, so I have become a larger vessel.

I am also observing that many people need the vibration of Hawaii~ the ocean, the dolphins, the whales, the Ancestors, the volcano and of course the Aloha; and part of the service that I provide is simply to share that vibration, particularly when I am doing a distance healing for someone on the mainland, or for a person who is visiting here for a short time.

It's not easy to identify when a healing session begins. I have often reflected back three days in time and discovered that I was receiving messages for my partner for the duration before we began! It's a beautiful dance to observe, and I am always humbled and in awe of the process; doing this work is a tremendous privilege and one of the greatest joys in my life!

In Gratitude,

Lizz Christed has been trained in Cranio-sacral, Reiki II, Aqua-cranial, Shamanism, Soul, Mind, Body Work and Exorcism. Her work has evolved into Soul Work, Energy and Subtle Body work and transmitting and channeling the Divine Feminine and Christ Consciousness.

To learn more about Lizz Christed, visit her blog at Lizz currently provides oceanview healing and remote healing sessions and can be contacted at or by calling (402) 981-3424.