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Exploring the Tools of Spiritual Healing

Article by Barbara Singer

Spiritual healing tools have been used since time memorial to aid spiritual development and help heal physical, emotional and mental afflictions. So what is the significance and secret behind these objects and their seemingly miraculous power, which to the true occultist are simply laws of nature not comprehended by the masses?

The alchemy of metals and jewels and their elemental and planetary properties have been used for the bestowal of their particular virtues as tools of transcendental medicine.

It has been known by the seers that all of life is a play of light. Light is bent, refracted and reflected primarily through water, metals, and crystals. Within the human body, being of these same laws, the manipulation of light in the body affects the very nature of that body and its consciousness. All healing is simply a realignment of the frequencies and directions of light within the vehicle and its connection outside the vehicle and connection to the natural order of life (microcosm / macrocosm).

To enhance this process seers have created rituals for controlling these principles and within these rituals there exist hand held tools: wands, scepters, etc. Within this science of light alchemy exists the knowledge of sacred geometry for the purpose of bending light to the will of the seer/ healer, hence the many shapes, sizes and forms of these tools.

This understanding has brought me to know the significance of the tools to which I am drawn and am now using as healing modalities. As I use these tools I marvel at the healing that occur.

Barbara Singer is a highly intuitive, sensitive, channel for life’s graceful and abundant healing / growth process. In her practice she uses some of the most advanced esoteric instruments including Biogenesis.