Exploring the Tools of Spiritual Healing

Barbara Singer discusses the traditional use of tools such as wands and scepters in modern spiritual healing practices.

I Know There's a Word For It...

Lizz Christed wonders at her title of healer. Is there a better name, given that it is not actually the healer who does the work?

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Health & Wellness . . . . .

Our Top Listings In Maui Health & Wellness

Maui massage overlooking one of Maui's most beautiful beaches. Facials, bodywraps, sound & quantum healing.

Health & Wellness

Do I need to worry about sunburns?

Emphatically YES! It is possible to burn within twenty minutes so all visitors are advised to ease into sun exposure with sunblock, hats and shade. Precautions early on will make your trip more enjoyable then if you spend the trip nursing a bright red and unhealthy sunburn from the first day.

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