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Oct. 23, 2007 by Marti

Maui Prime: Gourmet Fixin's for Table and Grill

After long days in the sun and surf and nights on the town most vacationers hit a wall around day three and just want to kick back at night and throw a little shrimp on the barbie. Being on Maui, surrounded by an ocean teaming with sea life, one would imagine finding top quality fish, shellfish and meat for the grill a snap, but that wasn't always the case.

Before Cary and Karin Buttons decided to share the love by offering their restaurant quality prime foods to the average man, finding excellent cuts of meat and six-star seafood on Maui was an exercise in futility - unless you happened to befriend a local chef willing to share his bounty or know a fisherman personally. Cold water seafood, like lobster tail and crab claws, was simply not available. If one wanted caviar to celebrate a special occasion or budding romance it was necessary to order online and pray the shipment made it to the islands before the dry ice dried up. So is it any wonder the extensive population of experienced foodies and people who appreciate the finer things in life are jumping for joy ever since Maui Prime opened its doors this summer?

Satisfy your taste for delights from the surf with oysters from Fanny Bay, Skookums, Kumamoto; shrimp as large as lobsters; lobsters as big as your arm; wild Alaska Salmon; fresh clams, scallops and oh-so-addictive crab fry legs. For lovers of the turf, give in to the Ossobucco, as big as a quarterback's fist; indulge in Kobe beef from Snake River Farms; or Kurobuta Pork hailing from the same locale. Make your selection from organic, free range poultry, Muscovy Duck Breast and confit, salami from around the world, Italian prosciutto, Spanish jamon, roasted artichokes, glazed onions, roasted peppers and sundried tomatoes or pastas like nona used to make. To start your feast off right, there's a fine selection of cheeses, pates and mousses, crackers, nibblers and spreads available, as well. On hand are oils, sauces, spices, and rices leaving little opportunity for your homemade meal to be anything less than stellar.

Maui Prime also offers a fantastic selection of wines. The Buttons' are expert at discovering excellent tasting under-priced vintages as well as exquisite wines from cellars well worth the tab.

The next time you're hankering for a homemade feast that celebrates the bounty of the islands and your arrival in paradise, there's only one place to go – Maui Prime. Located in the Emerald Plaza business park in Lahaina across from the Cannery Mall. Call 808-661-4912 for more information and hours.


"I was searching the web for info on this store--and surprise! You're the only one who has it! Good sleuthing, fellow foodie! Cheers, Shannon"

Posted by Spa Struck on Nov. 2, 2007

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