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Lahaina: One Of The Seven Wonders of Maui - Part 2

You can also discover why over 80% of all visitors who come to Maui each year visit this seaport. It is ancient and at the same time full of wonderful finds that today's merchants have gathered from all around the world and aggregated for your pleasure. There are a lot of shopping spots in the Hawaiian Islands, but Lahaina is perhaps the best. I love to break up the shopping with meanderings through the dozens of art galleries along Front Street, stop for a break at one of the oceanfront restaurants and watch the sailboats play in front of Lanai. If I'm in town after noon I always cruise the Lahaina harbor and see all the youthful energy of the boat tribe as they either prepare for the next cruise or hang out and talk story about their morning adventure. It's fun and different and beautiful in a way that lingers in your memory.

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Lahaina is what the locals say when they mean West Maui...a geographical area that stretches from Olowalu to Kapalua's north shore...many people on Maui go years on purpose never driving over the pali to mingle with the, it's too hot for those of us who live on an island, and two, we spend so much time trying to service the debt on our mortgage we love to spend time at home enjoying it. But every so often a friend or family member comes to visit and Lahaina is a must. It might be we go over in the afternoon, do a little shopping and then attend one of the shows that have sprung up that go beyond the luau, or if the visitors haven't been before we will go with them to a luau and laugh as Uncle Henry gets dragged up on stage to do an impromptu hula in front of hundreds. Ideally we will get to visit one of the new celebrity chef restaurants all of our friends have been raving about, sit on the ocean being served some great new fresh fish recipe, sipping a beer or splurging on a Mai Tai, and watch the party boats full of lights cruise in front of the silhouettes of Lanai and Molokai. It's so romantic. It's Lahaina. E Komo Mai.

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