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Hawaiian Values Form the Core of Hawaiian Culture

Article by Kean Salzer

What do Hawaiians think about their world? What makes a Hawaiian different from another race from Polynesia? Just as in every culture, there are Hawaiians all along the spiritual path, but the ones that seem to have evolved into the most authentic of their race seem to share common core values. Here is an excerpt from Malama Hawaii a Hawaiian non-profit dedicated to preserving the island ecosystem, values and culture. We like these guys.

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Guiding Human Values: (presented in both English and the language of our host culture)

  • To Care for, Protect MALAMA
  • To Love, have Compassion, Respect ALOHA
  • To Share with each other, be Generous LOKOMAIKAI
  • To be Healthy OLAKINO MAIKAI
  • To take Responsibility HOOKULEANA
  • To seek Knowledge IMIIKE
  • To Nurture a deep sense of Justice NAAU PONO

Our work is grounded in the beliefs that:

  • Caring for our home, the place we love, enriches our lives.
  • Living on islands requires balancing and integrating human needs with the limits of nature.
  • Quality of life is physically and spiritually linked to the land and sea, which connect us to our ancestors and to all the generations that will follow.
  • We must hold our islands in good stewardship for our children.
  • The universal values and traditions of Native Hawaiians, our host culture, be recognized, respected and perpetuated.
  • It is important to act upon and provide positive and accurate information in all we do.
  • Our success will be based on our ability to remain inclusive and trustful of one another.
  • Our directions and strategies will be determined by the needs and wants of our community.
  • Community-based initiatives will transform Hawaii.
  • We will take action that increases public awareness and produces useful results.

Can you hear the heart of the Hawaiian in this list of guiding values? They consider themselves stewards of the land taking their turn protecting it for their children. You will be accepted much more readily if you honor their values when you visit their island home. Malama Pono...Take Care and Do What's Right...It's more than a slogan.

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