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Local Guy - Born and Raised - Surfer, Sponger, Artist, Musician, Computer Geek, Dork

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Jan. 29, 2008

FUN maui net ONLINE City - Help it GROW!

Hey folks, I came across a fun thing. It's called "My Mini City" and i'm hooked. I've made one for Maui Net. Check it out!Everytime a unique IP address visits that link, a new thing is added to the "City". Watch it grow! Eventually, additional links must be clicked on to "Maintain" the city. It's irritatingly addictive!
Jan. 25, 2008 Don't complain about the harbor expansion you idiots.
Dec. 6, 2007 Recent Massive Waves and The Weather
Nov. 29, 2007 I, Surfer. I, Hypocrite
Nov. 26, 2007 Complainers
Nov. 23, 2007 The Typical Local Style Thanksgiving

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