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Jun. 14, 2008

Ed Robinson’s Adventure-X Diving

What kind of diving would you do on your day off if you were a dive boat operator who has been diving on Maui since 1971? If you were Ed Robinson, you would visit some of your favorite, less-frequented "secret" spots. That's the premise behind Ed Robinson's Diving Adventures new Adventure-X trips. Ed knows all the "secrets" and will share and explore them with you. Maybe you're a photographer who would prefer to be on your own rather than required to follow a guide. Maybe you have dived Molokini Crater many, many times, and as great as Molokini is, sometimes you want to explore new dive sites you have never been to (that's me!!). How about some live drift dives at some of these new spots? Awesome! Let's get wet! I set out on a picture-perfect Maui morning with Ed Robinson, his...
May. 23, 2008 Coral Spawning Watch
Apr. 28, 2008 Marine Debris Cleanup Dive - II
Jan. 12, 2008 Exploring the North Shore
Nov. 25, 2007 Octopus Interaction at White Rock
Oct. 27, 2007 Underwater Pumpkin Carving Contest

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