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Describing Judy is hard... You could say she is analytically intuitive, rhapsodically empirical, a fan of luxurious primitiveness and organic refinement, and a fearless defender of wild things whose passion animates an indifferent universe... Or you could just say, "Read Judy -- and see!"

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Nov. 5, 2010

Oh, I've Seen Fire And I've Seen Rain. Lots Of Rain.

If you’ve read the post before this one you now have a good idea of how water shapes the great bulk of these mid-ocean mountains.   So let’s go take a walk through the native rainforest, shall we?  Since we’re in the neighborhood and all.   As you walk, say, downhill from the dry chill of the summit and into the top of the cloud deck, you may run across boglands, then descend to scrublands, then find yourself in the tall, dignified stands of ‘ohia lehua and koa.  ...
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