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"Star light, Star bright"

    "This piece was begun and completed during the week of the attack on America of September 11, 2001.  The creative process on this work was therapeutic for me, and also allowed me to finally get something down on canvas that had been floating around in concept in my mind for some time.  'Star light, Star bright' is dedicated to the victims and heroes in that act of war.   The painting's principal  colors are red, white, and blue as a symbol of the patriotism that has swept our country since the attack.  In the foreground of the piece, starfish are washing up on shore, victims of a rising tide.  But through the spirit of this hopeful woman, the souls of the starfish find their way up into the heavens, where they shine and enlighten the world forever."
    "I truly feel that 'Star light, Star bright' will be seen as one of the most pivotal paintings of my career as it shows a transition into art that not only engages the viewer with vivid color and design, but tells a story on several levels.  This piece began as a simple 11x14 study, a test to see if what I was imagining would work in reality.  As I was drawn into the piece and following the events of the week, it became something much bigger for me.
 Public response to "Star light, Star bright" was so terrific we decided to publish it as an 11x14 giclee on canvas in an edition of 350.  As it was inspired by the tragedy and strength in our country, a portion of proceeds will be donated to directly help out September 11 victims in need of immediate care.
    At a time when CNBC reports that art is being seen as a "safe haven" by many investors against the volatility of the stock market, this promises to be a timely and very collectible piece that will appreciate in value. This limited edition will be simultaneously released in several galleries on the West Coast,Kona, and Maui."

"Star Light, Star Bright" (click to enlarge)

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Solid Hawaiian Koa frame - special price for a limited time

Canvas Giclee (11x14) Edition of 350
Opening Retail Price
Your Collector's Club Pre-release Price (limited time offer)
Artwork only (ships in tube)
Artwork in Koa frame, (as pictured)

Sneak Preview of Newest 30x40 Work, tentatively titled:  "The Secret"!


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