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    "Our studio has some of the finest framing resources in the world today available for our clients.  While we tend to use similar frame materials and designs over and over because of my artistic preferences, there are virtually unlimited options in custom framing.  I tend to use koa, a beautiful, rare, Hawaiian wood, quite often, and our studio can get the best prices possible for our clients.  We charge what our clients would pay if they flew out here to Maui and visited us, so obviously, with some frames, clients will get a better price in the mainland, but they probably won't be able to get any koa!   I have frames built to accent the painting.  However, some clients want to match the colors of the room where the painting will reside, so we try to find some commonality in order to design the perfect frame for that painting and that client."

These are some of the frames  used by Michael.  Virtually any combination is available in a variety of colors and sizes to match your needs.  Prices given are approximate and based on most recent market price of this collectible native Hawaiian hardwood.
    Only a few sample prices and sizes are given.  When acquiring art through this gallery, please feel free to E-mail for a quote on the size and type of frame that best suits your selection.

 Custom-designed exotic oiled Hawaiian koa frames

(Wood tone varies:   Specify light, medium or dark)

(Also available:  Glossy koa veneer with lots of curl)

(Frames shown are medium tone)

A.  This 16x20 opening size frame costs $420 (emerald birds eye burl was over $100 of that)

B.  16x20 opening size:  $340
18x24 opening size:  $380

C.  16x20 opening size:  $340
18x24 opening size:  $380


Ready-made exotic oiled Koa frames

(Glossy koa veneer with lots of curl also available now!)

D.  Two-inch moulding (prices estimated)
8x10 :  $70 
11x14:  $100
16x20:  $165 
(Custom only - prices vary seasonally)

E.  One-inch moulding      F.  Two-inch moulding
8x10:  $70                           
11x14:  $100                           
16x20:  $165                           
(Custom only - prices vary seasonally)

Lacquer frames

G.  Italian Lacquer with fabric scoop and lacquer fillet:
16x20 opening size:  $340
18x24:  $380

H.  Lacquer moulding  and glass only 
(mat & art shown for display purposes only)
              11x14 opening size:  $55
16x20:  $75

Island Art by Michael Stark
140 Uwapo Road, Suite #54-103
Kihei, Maui, Hawaii 96753
Tel: (808) 879-9337
Toll Free:  (888) 554-2301

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