"First Air"
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    "I'd like to introduce you to what I believe is my finest marine art piece yet:  "First Air".  This piece had been on my mind for several years....ever since one of my Kapalua, Maui, collectors told me a story.  He and his wife were having their morning coffee on the lanai of their estate home enjoying the ocean view, as usual.  Suddenly, they noticed an adult whale acting quite agitated on the surface.  Some moments later, following a bloody froth, a baby whale appeared at the surface.  Within seconds, the mother whale flipped the baby out of the water, and continued to do so about a dozen times, apparently to knock the breath of life into the baby, just as human babies are slapped on the bottom.  Afterwards, the two whales spent the remainder of the day lounging and bonding at the surface.
    "The birth of a humpback whale has never been documented, or so the scientific community says.  That doesn't mean no one has ever witnessed it.  That simply means the event was not photographed and/or otherwise scientifically documented.  That story intrigued me and left me longing to try to illustrate such an epic moment through my art.  In the Spring of 2000, one of the most influential men I have ever known,  Don Reid, witnessed such an event and commissioned me to paint it.  I hope you will enjoy viewing it, as much as I enjoyed creating it.  The two frigate birds, or manu-o-ali'i, are symbols of joy in  Polynesia.  The piece is rich with symbols of joy and spiritual rebirth"

~ Michael Stark

"First Air"

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18x24 and an over-the-sofa size of 30x40. 
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30x40 canvas giclee, framed with Hawaiian koa* moulding and fillet, with Navajo white or teal blue scoop:
* You may choose either solid Hawaiian koa, or a glossy veneer koa guaranteed to be very "curly" (handcrafted in Italy).

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