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Check out some of the earlier paintings!  They're all gone now, but if you're considering a commission, you can use these for ideas.

"All for One"
    A pod of Pacific bottlenose dolphins welcomes a baby into the group as they cavort in warm Maui waters.
Private Collector

Private Collecti

"Harmony II"
    A pod of spinner dolphins sing in harmony as they journey through waters offshore near La Perouse, Maui.

Jim & Anita Netzel Collection

"My Shadow"
    A growing humpback calf shadows its matriarch, curious about the undersea world but still too cautious to stray far from mother.

Tom MacDonald Collection

"Family Hug"
    A family of Pacific bottlenose dolphins bonds in warm Hawaiian waters.

Rob Kolodzi Collection

    A graceful whale calf hovers over its mother's immense body.  The baby strays farther each day as mother patiently watches.

Private Collection

"Lana'i Passage"
    In the warm waters off of Manele Bay, Lana'i, a small group of spinner dolphins joins a humpback mother and her calf as they cruise through the ultramarine depths.

Private Collector
Wailea, Maui

"First Moments"
The delicate rays of the morning sun stream down through the ocean surface, dappling the magnificent bodies of this mother whale and her young calf.

Private Collector



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