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JJ Preston and Michael Beachwood
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JJ Preston and Michael Beachwood perform as soloists and as a husband/wife duo. Their combined talents create a diverse, multi-stylistic songwriting and performing team. No two original songs ever sound the same, their styles include almost all kinds of music!

Welcome to Preston-Beachwood! JJ and Michael are independent singers, songwriters, producers and performers. They appreciate your support and feedback. Please share Preston-Beachwood's music with your friends and family. A big Mahalo and Thank You to the following people... Please join our Mailing List and encourage your friends and family to visit and share JJ and Michael's music and messages. Word of mouth is the most powerful way to spread the word of Preston Beachwood's music. Your thoughtfulness in helping promote them is appreciated! Please Bookmark this site and visit often, as JJ and Michael are continually creating interesting music and inspiring lyrics!

These Colors Dont Run So Lets Roll

Maui music


JJ (Sheryl) and Michael have been busy this year with their new home in Kihei, Maui, Hawaii. Having lived in Kula, upcountry at 4000 feet elevation, for more than 12 years, they finally decided to come down the heat and salt air, living just a few blocks away from the ocean. Being so close to the water and the beach has not proven to be a distraction at all, more over, being in the sunny South Maui area has increased their inspiration and creativity.

Preston-Beachwood's new home is allowing them to expand their offices and studios. Soon to come will be not only a recording studio for songwriting and producing, but a TV studio as well. JJ and Michael have some great ideas for very creative video formats for their music and music videos. They also envision a variety show, inviting many of their talented friends from Maui's live theater venues.

Preston-Beachwood's recent project, a music video produced by film maker, Sean Michael Hower, has completed edits and is awaiting the final mastered audio track, coming soon in the coming months. JJ and Michael even volunteered Sean for wild helicopter ride, doors removed, hanging out the side! Sean was able to capture some incredible scenes of Maui's breath-taking vistas!

Michael's latest inspiration and upcoming songs are heading in the direction of baby boomer generation issues. Michael is right in the middle of the boomer generation bubble. JJ's latest work is leaning towards anthem orientated songs, enriched by her orchestral and classical training. Both will be collaborating on each other's works, in the studio and for mix down.

Preston-Beachwood will begin taping more music videos as soon as they complete their new studio. The creative juices are flowing, with concepts of using blue screen for scenic backgrounds, as well as real location shots in and around Maui. After all, the beautiful scenery is all around them, to say the least.

Soon, many video clips will be appearing on A new web design is already in the works as well. A complete collection of music clips is on the agenda as well.

As always... please BOOKMARK JJ and Michael's website, and check back for latest news and updates and new music! If you wish to be notified by email about new songs and latest events, please join our Mailing List and we will keep you updated with current news, new releases and their Maui performance schedule! And you don't have to worry about your email address privacy, we never share info nor do we email our fans too much!

We wish everyone Peace, Prosperity, Love and Joy!

These Colors Dont Run So Lets Roll

Land of the Free... Home Of The Brave - Our hearts and prayers go out to everyone in America... to the heroes and victims of September 11th, 2001 Download our new hit single! "These Colors Don't Run - So Let's Roll"

A tribute to America and 9/11, These Colors Don't Run - So Let's Roll! is being offered as a free download in an MP3 format. As all Americans, Michael and JJ were deeply affected by the tragic events of September 11, 2001. For Michael, the inspiration and urge to compose did not come right away. Only after 6 months did he finally begin having the words and music come to him.

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