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There truly is a way to Work from Home JOIN THE “M.O.M.” TEAM! “Mothers On a Mission” NO product sales, stocking, deliveries or collecting money. 100% risk free. *** Our 1st mission: To help mothers work from home. (But you don’t have to be a mom to join). *** Our 2nd mission: To educate people about the dangerous household toxins. ~Did you know that Tide laundry detergent has 5 known cancer-causing carcinogens in it? It also contains lye. ~Did you know that Johnson & Johnson’s baby-shampoo, baby-wash and baby-lotion have Formaldehyde in it? -Do you want to learn more??? Request “Get Info Now”. No pressure. You decide… I’m not a telemarketer, just a regular busy mom www.internerceomoms.com/tammy2070

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