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    Burn, Baby Burn…or, maybe, don’t.

    Sep. 16, 2010 (4369 views)

    If you’ve been to Maui, and you’ve been anywhere along the coast where the waterfalls aren’t, you’ve been in a dryland...

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    Island life Means Not Minding A Housemate With More Legs Than I've Got Part II

    May. 7, 2008 (14732 views)

    I'm thinking I'm not far off in assuming that most of you don't have the shower wildlife I do. Having an outside shower pretty much means signing a contract with the living world that more or less gives access to anything that needs to get in there with you to hide from rain or hungry birds or dry times. A few dark mornings ago, around 4:30 a.m., believe it or not, I blundered out to the shower to start my day. I trudged out with my big red maglight, opened the door and reached across...

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    The Owl and the Mosquito

    Jul. 7, 2009 (3985 views)

    A few nights ago my neighbor popped his head up over the cinderblock wall between our houses and yelled for me to come see the owl pellet that he’d discovered in his breezeway.  It seems a barn owl has decided to take up residence somewhere around his house, or mine, and is making a good living from the usual urban fare:  rats and mice....

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