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    We just do not gift items, rather we gift you to your loved ones

    Mar. 4, 2012 (97 views)

    At Gifts-To-India.com you will have a bit tough time. Do not panic, because we have so many collections that you will wonder which one to pick and which one to leave. No matter which occasion or personal event it is, we are presenting unmatched gift collections in the form of flower cases, food items...

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    Grand Opening - Cafe Kapalua

    Mar. 27, 2009 (3524 views)

    When our friends caught sight of racks of chic outdoor adventure apparel they mistakenly made a u-turn, presuming they were at the wrong venue for a wine tasting. Fortunately, I spied them from the opposite corner of the room and waved them back into the Café Kapalua where the early arrivals were already imbibing the first of what would be many delightful “tastes” of biodynamic and organically grown wines. ...

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    Mar. 2, 2010 (117 views)


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    Jan. 22, 2010 (161 views)

    Send your good taste to celebration by delivering our mouthwatering cakes to Chennai and exotic flowers to Chennai and leave a cherished memory with them. Add zing to the special occasions of your acquaintances in Chennai by sending our fantastic flowers and tasty cakes. ...

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