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    A Word About Water:

    Aug. 16, 2010 (2501 views)

    Water.  Where to begin, where to begin.  I would like to write a love song about water.  I would like to explain how it saves my life.  I would like to touch it, somehow, and then transmit that touch.  Water water water.  Let me think....

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    Longboard's Marriott Kaanapali Ocean Club

    Jan. 17, 2009 (3184 views)

        Longboard’s, at the Marriott Ocean Vacation Club Kaanapali, offers a splendid...

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    So, About This Resolutions Stuff:

    Jan. 4, 2008 (2931 views)

    So, About This Resolutions Stuff: Unlike most of my friends--or even most of the denizens of the planet, I think--I don't 'do' the New Year's Resolution thing. My feeling is that I make changes when the changes feel like they should be made. If, in July, I think it's time to stop indulging in a certain non-supportive behavior—well then, I'll stop in July. If, on January 1st I am out of ideas for change, but know that something will hit me in the head like a baseball thrown by...

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