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    Sand. Not Simple.

    Mar. 24, 2010 (3098 views)

    Welcome to our sandy shores.  It seems so peaceful here, doesn't it?  As the sinuous boundary between the water world and the land, the sandy shore is many things to many forms of life:  safe harbor (tired or sick or wounded green sea turtles), warm bed (ditto monk seals) , nesting ground (hello, momma hawksbill turtles!), feeding...

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    Octopus Interaction at White Rock

    Nov. 25, 2007 (9295 views)

    I never was any good at spotting octopus. I usually have to rely on my dive buddy to discover and point them out. Doug spotted a nice one today as we were on our way back in. It was right on the top of the reef at the shoreline in only 2 feet of water. We watched it change colors and shapes to warn us off. Seeing the octopus gives me the opportunity to share this amazing video...

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