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    Biting at the Rain, Moaning Your Hellos

    Jul. 26, 2009 (3932 views)

    When I worked for the Fish and Wildlife Service on Midway...

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    The Most Important Bird Poop I Know

    Mar. 14, 2010 (1611 views)

    How did you get here?Even before we hominids bobbed into the neighborhood, high islands such as these in Hawaii could not help but attract life.  Seeds, spores, tiny insects and birds found them by way of the wind.  Ocean currents, then and now, sweep life up against the shoreline, carrying...

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    Grand Wailea: Our Home Away From Home

    Oct. 23, 2007 (6377 views)

    My wife, Rochelle, and my daughter, Kai, have been operating a small art and jewelry business at the Grand Wailea Resort, Hotel & Spa since it opened 15 years ago. They go down every day of the year and interact with hotel visitors who enjoy meeting a local person and connecting as friends. My wife is born and raised in Hawaii and is called hapa-haole or half local and half caucasian. In her case she is half Okinawan, but is mistaken regularly for being part Hawaiian even by local people. Before...

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