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    GreenMauiGuide Maui, Hawaii

    May. 28, 2008 (3393 views)

    Hey fellow bloggers,Thanks for reading and please go to our new website http://www.greenmauiguide.com to join our forum and find out about being enviornmentally responsible through green practices. we are an organization that driven by Maui college student to inform the community about being green. Thanks for your time and please stop by our site for further information!Thanks www.greenmauiguide.com...

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    How It Feels To Leave Your Heart In The Arms Of An Atoll

    Apr. 4, 2010 (1702 views)

    I was thinking the other day that I would like to transport you all to the places I've been. Compared to some of my globe-trotting friends, I am kind of a slacker.  My Dream List is far longer than my Got There list.  But the places I DID make it to, well, I am so grateful for them that it hurts in that good way.It's a holiday for some today, so in the spirit of Thinking About Big Things, I offer to you an essay I wrote when I left Midway Atoll after doing a...

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    Where Are The Monkeys and How Come The Reef Doesn’t Look Like It Does In Florida?

    Sep. 12, 2007 (3496 views)

    Part Two: So, in the first half of this rumination (previous blog entry is Part One) I was giving you the bad news…essentially, the pretty Hawaii you visit today is nearly entirely created from a mass of imported organisms that began arriving here with humanity about 2000 years ago. Some estimates say that 93% of the organisms found below about 7000 ft. in altitude are non-native. This is bad news for an ecosystem. It’s a Frankensteinsystem, shuffling along as an amalgam of...

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    GreenMauiGuide Maui, Hawaii

    Jun. 4, 2008 (3644 views)

    Hello Bloggers, This is Green Maui Guide back again this week to tell you about our website and ask people to please come visit our site for more information about green and ways to be environmentally responsible in your daily living practices. You can also myspace us at our myspace page www.myspace.com/greenmauiguide for further info or just to be our friend, thanks for your support and look forward to seeing you in our forums posting...

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