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    Run For The Whales

    Feb. 12, 2008 (3396 views)

    Saturday February 9, some co-worker and friends (Ron, Ben, Byron and Shannon) and I, participated in the Run For The Whales Fun Run. We did the 5K run and it was fun! It was a last minute decision for me. And knowing that we would be staying up late the previous night because of The Music Man, I was afraid I would...

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    Grandparents Day

    Sep. 11, 2007 (2125 views)

    This past Sunday was Grandparents Day (September 9th). Did you honor your Grandparent(s)? I don't remember celebrating such a thing growing up, so I Googled it. It turns out Grandparents Day was started in 1978 with a proclamation by then President Jimmy Carter. The intent was to champion the cause for the lonely elderly in nursing homes (see for more info). It's a shame that we have to establish an official day to honor, much less remember, the elderly. Sure...

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