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    Looking foward to our 1st visit to Maui

    Jul. 21, 2009 (1377 views)

    If you can give us any helpful hints on the Maui experience you enjoyed. We planning on going next year to Maui and want to know all we can.THANKSGreatly happy to you.JOJO...

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    Location, location, location.

    Aug. 17, 2010 (2538 views)

    Hawaiian volcanic islands rise out of the sea, taking a couple of million years to do so. It would seem at first glance that nothing could be more unrelated than dry rock and the rolling ocean. And yet, once you begin to look at how life is woven on these mountains, the many ways in which the land informs the sea, and vice-versa, can change your assumptions about what it means to be living on land. Because there IS no living on land without water. For anyone or anything.  Now,...

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    May. 27, 2009 (475 views)

    $50 OFF DISCOUNT EXTENDED 'TIL JUNE 1st!We'll Help You Pass the Hawaii State Exam! Be Ready for the next "Big Real Estate Wave". It will happen again! Class starts June 8th in Kahului. $50 OFF, REGISTER BY JUNE 1st!(808)

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    Glitter Tattoo Artist on Maui

    Aug. 21, 2009 (969 views)

    Aloha!I am Maui's 1st Glitter Tattoo Artist. I can add sparkle and fun to your party or event with glitter tattoos. www.da-bounce.comGlitter Tattoos are fast becoming a very popular form of body art. Once you see their beauty for yourself you'll understand why. Glitter Tattoos are applied using cosmetic adhesive and cosmetic glitter. Both which are approved by the FDA for use on the skin. ...

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