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    Maui Bus (Public Transportation)

    Aug. 23, 2007 (6850 views)

    When I first came here in 1994, I was surprised that there was no public buses! Coming from the busy city of Manila, I expected that there would be some type of public transportation here. But no! Guess what I had to do the next few weeks of my arrival? Yep - I had to learn how to drive. It's either I learn how to drive or I get stuck at home!Now there are Maui Busses going around. They are not a lot, and they are not bulky. They look like little tourist buses going around. However,...

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    A Maui Blog

    Dec. 14, 2008 (3332 views)

    I visit this website regularly and often stops by the blogs.  I am sorry I have not posted  much lately and I am hoping to post more regularly next year.  In the meantime, you can also find me at my other blog called A MAUI BLOG.Click HERE to visit A Maui Blog and talk story with me.  But don't forget to keep visiting here to as there are many info on Maui here....

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    help does any one know of a physiotherapist in Keihi?

    Nov. 8, 2007 (1633 views)

    Please email a name of a physiotherapist in Keihi/Maui Thanks Cliff at cneyedli@shaw.ca...

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    Flying Along

    Aug. 12, 2010 (302 views)

    There’s no better treat you can enjoy than the Zip Line In Maui.  It’s really fun, because you get the complete sensation of flying without any danger.  You also get to savor some of the most beautiful scenery in the world, which completes how outstanding the tour/ride combo will be....

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