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    Dating on the island

    Jan. 29, 2008 (4711 views)

    For us locals, it can be tough finding other NEW locals to hang out with.  It's been a frustration of mine.  Probably the best thing to do is hang out where the tourists do, but that can also be a pain since people on vacation tend to live it up while they're here without any intension of keeping in touch.  I've tried going out to clubs and the bar scene, but it's hit or miss.  I've done every activitiy you can do on the Island.  Zip lining, biking, helicopter tours,...

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    Tourists: Just because you are here on vacation, does not mean you have to turn off your humanity

    Aug. 28, 2007 (3703 views)

    This past saturday we were surfing at Breakwalls. I Got some good rides. It wasn't spectacular or anything. Wave heights were almost head high and the ocean was glassy. Fun day.After my session and after I had tied my leash around my board, I walked out of the water and towards the parking lot adjacent to the Lahaina Shores hotel. I saw these two girls coming out of the water."hmm that's last year's Southpoint 8'6"" I thought to myself. "hehehe, it's totally ugly"....

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