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    David Paul's Lahaina Grill

    Sep. 19, 2007 (4201 views)

    I'm not sure which came first, my appreciation of the terrific food served at David Paul's or the fact I simply love being there. However it evolved, here is the resulting fact: Jurg Munch and the food he serves at his restaurant makes my heart sing. To me, DP's is the classiest place for repast on Maui. Dining there is always an experience as Jurg and his entire staff manages to make every diner feel like a cherished guest. For example, at my recent birthday celebration a last minute...

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    Lahaina Grill Specials - for Locals Only!

    Jan. 29, 2009 (2294 views)

    Ask any West Side resident to name their favorite upscale, romantic dining spot and 9 out of 10 will reply, "Lahaina Grill." Some will still call it by its former name, David Paul's, but all will concur its the place to go on special occasions or any old Friday or Saturday night. Now, thanks to a Kama`aina special just announced, Mondays in February you'll find the bistro packed with locals eager to accept Jurg Munch's "mahalo" to his loyal patrons. He's offering...

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