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    Spinner or Bottlenose ~ How do you tell?

    Apr. 21, 2009 (7468 views)

    We are often asked about porpoise and dolphins when we are out on the water during one of our marine safaris.  First, we do not have porpoise in Hawaiian waters.  Porpoise have very blunt rostrums, short, triangular dorsal fins and their teeth are spade shaped.  In the above photos, the triangular-shaped, dark dorsal fin is a spinner dolphin, whose rostrum...

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    I never knew so many dolphins were this close

    Aug. 12, 2007 (2858 views)

    We went to Lanai and when we were in the water we saw a huge school of dophins about 75 yards away...playing, jumping...it was an amazing sight. One of the guys on the boat had an underwater housing for his digital camera and he promised me he would either send me a photo or post it to Maui.net. I will never forget this sight....

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